Make your English shine with this on-line pronunciation training course.

Practical course for those who need to improve their speaking skills. It focuses on phoneme correction, fluency and intonation practice.


Level:  Any level.
Number of sessions:  4 sessions per month (1 session per week of 1 h).
Groups:  Maximum, three students per group.
Requirements:  None.


We will work with textual and multimedia materials to present relevant subjects, depending on the students' needs.


To enrol or take tailored lessons on the subject, please write to

Price of 4 sessions:  40 euros.

Dates:  Year-long course.

Sessions:  To be agreed on.

Special promotion!

2 free sessions with the purchase of the book Pronunciación del inglés: Guía práctica para hispanohablantes on Amazon.
IMPORTANT: If you decide to take advantage of this promotion, send an email to saying so.